Painting Check Dress

I often start a project with an idea in my head, I have a pattern in mind, I start looking at my fabrics and work out what will work with it… well with this dress I saw the Painting Check fabric by Nani Iro and literally just KNEW it would be perfect for an Oliver +S Roller Skate dress (a pattern I’d been dying to try), it was a little bit of an obsession and this is how it turned out.



This is the front, the dress has an elasticated waistline which gives it a great fit and I love the curve of those cap sleeves.



I was super careful when I cut each panel for this dress and managed to line up all the side and back seams absolutely perfectly, I am so so happy about this as I think this dress looks much better for not having wonky stripes. I love the way all of the rainbow lines line up around the side, front and back of the dress – it’s just perfection!


This is the back, I added a Riley Blake plastic flower button in bright yellow which really popped! I love the splash of extra colour and I also love that square to the left with the dash of yellow in it, it’s perfect colour balancing, this dress just makes me so happy!


Oh and did I mention? I made the dress reversible?!? I cut the lining the same length as the outside Nani Iro fabric so this dress can simply be flipped and worn inside out! The lining is a soft chambray a linen cotton mix which is made to look like a light denim, it’s stunning in it’s simplicity and makes this dress even more practical if you spill something on the front (god forbid!) and need a quick Clark Kent style outfit change.

Nani Iro 7


And for a totally geeky little extra I was able to actually include the title of this fabric on the lower left corner of the dress, I could only do this as the fabric had the name printed high above the selvedge, so I made sure to include it as a little extra when I cut – it also meant I could include more of that beautiful red in the dress by cutting lower down – a slightly geeky decision that I love! It just makes this dress even more one of a kind.

If you’re thinking of purchasing the Roller Skate dress pattern, I’d highly recommend it, it’s a great way to show off fun fabrics and it can be made as a top (tunic) style or a dress. I love that it can easily be made reversible and it’s nice to be able to dip in to my fun button stash – thumbs up all around!


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5 comments on “Painting Check Dress
  1. erin says:

    How many yards of fabric did it take??

  2. erin says:

    How many yards of fabric did it take?? It is absolutely amazing!!

    • bobbinsboutique says:

      Thanks Erin!!! this dresses uses about 1 yard of fabric per side (so two yards) the O+S website has exact requirements with sizes. I think you can generally squeeze a reversible tunic top out of 1/2 metre per side too.

  3. Louise Ambrosi says:

    Absolutely stunning fabric and perfect for the pattern, you’ve really done it justice. So clever that it’s reversible and I love that you’ve included the fabric title, very clever and cute detail! Brilliant Bobbins!

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